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Important - New IRDA Guidelines Effective 01-Jun-2010

Please always log off by clicking Logoff link on page top right.

New password to be requested everytime before login.
o On every login, the system will automatically check password expiry.
o System will auto register a password request on password expiry.
o You can request new password by clicking Request New Password.
o New password will be SMS'd to your mobile specified on IRDA Portal.

Login will be denied if we cannot pick up MAC Address.
o Do following in IE browser at Top Menu >> Internet Options >> Security.
o First click "Reset all zones to default level".
o Then click "Custom Level" buttom and click "Reset" button.
o Then set following options.
o Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe = Prompt
o Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins = Enable
o Then click Ok, Ok (ie Ok twice).
o If problem persists then please install Internet Explorer 6.
o Download IE 6.0

Please always click Yes for ActiveX.
o On login page following prompt will appear. Please click Yes.
o An ActiveX control on this page might be unsafe to interact with other          parts of the page. Do you want to allow this transaction?

Periodically you will be asked Challenge Questions
o Types include Captcha and Technical (ie Insurance Related).
o Need to be answered correctly to continue training.

For best results, please
clear history and delete
temporary internet files daily.


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